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Friday, June 04, 2010

23 cameras for Ra.One

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Shah Rukh Khan's film sets a record of sorts for number of cameras used for shooting a single frame

Shah Rukh Khan is pulling out all the stops when it comes to his home production Ra.One. The actor has set a record of sorts, using as many as 23 cameras to light up a single frame.

The film is being shot at Mumbai studio, Filmistan. They are currently shooting on a set of a local train that has been created in a suburban studio. The cameras have been mounted in the front of the train and also at the doors.

A source says, "The team was wondering how they would manage to shoot on an actual train, when SRK suggested they build a dummy train and shoot on it. The art directors got busy and built a train that looked exactly like the real model." The train sequence is supposed to be an important part of the movie with major chase and action scenes.

The cast and crew of this superhero flick are working round the clock to complete their schedule before rains hit the city.

King Khan also plans to modify his character G.One's suit, as his kids didn't like it. The actor has been taking lot of inputs from his kids - Aryan and Suhana as he feels that their age group is the core target audience for his next home production.


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